Leslie first fell in love with radio when she was just 10 years old! She would listen to Milwaukee Brewers announcer, Bob Ueuker, call the games on her little coke radio. She was born and raised in Milwaukee and proudly calls herself a Cheesehead. Leslie started her radio career in Milwaukee but when it was time to take the next step in her career, Tucson was her first choice. Leslie moved here in 1999 and now proudly calls Tucson her home now! Her whole family is still back in Milwaukee but she see's them often.  Leslie doesn't have any kids, mainly because she put her career first and didn’t find “the guy” till just a few years ago. She has a little obsession with shoes, hence her Tuesday Shoesday feature! Her drinks of choice are flavored vodka or red wine. Groove through your afternoons with Leslie, every weekday 3p-6p!  

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