Betty White’s Cause Of Death Is Revealed

According to Betty White's death certificate, her cause of death was a stroke. The document reveals that she suffered from a cerebrovascular accident, which means blood wasn't flowing to parts of her brain, causing... Read More.

Iconic Actor Sidney Poitier Dies At 94

Oscar-winning actor Sidney Poitier has died at age 94. According to the AP, Latrae Rahming, the Director of Communications for the Prime Minister of Bahamas, confirmed on Friday (January 7th) that... Read More.

Bob Saget Dies At Age 65

Comedian and actor Bob Saget passed away on Sunday (January 9th) at the Ritz-Carlton in Orlando, Florida. He was 65 years old. Most known for his role as Danny Tanner in... Read More.

Josh Duhamel And Audra Mari Are Engaged

After dating Audra Mari for two years, Transformers star Josh Duhamel decided it was time to pop the question. Duhamel announced the news on Saturday (January 8th) on Instagram. Along with... Read More.