WATCH THE TRAILER FOR THE ‘YELLOWSTONE’ PREQUEL ‘1923:’ Today reports that Paramount+ dropped the teaser trailer for the Yellowstone prequel 1923, starring Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford, on Sunday night (November 13th). The 30-second trailer gives glimpses of Mirren and Ford as Cara and Jacob Dutton, as a narrator says, “Violence has always haunted this family. It followed us from the Scottish Highlands and the slums of Dublin, and it followed us here. And where it doesn’t follow, we hunt it down. We seek it.”

MARGOT ROBBIE’S FEMALE-LED ‘PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN’ IS AXED BY DISNEY: Margot Robbie announced via her recent Vanity Fair interview that her female-led Pirates of the Caribbean movie is dead at Disney. “We had an idea and we were developing it for a while, ages ago, to have more of a female-led — not totally female-led, but just a different kind of story — which we thought would’ve been really cool,” she told the outlet. “But I guess they don’t want to do it.” This comes after Pirates of the Caribbean producer Jerry Bruckheimer told The Sunday Times in May, “Yes. We’re talking to Margot Robbie. We are developing two Pirates scripts — one with her, one without. [Will Depp be back?] Not at this point. The future is yet to be decided.”

‘SELLING TAMPA’ IS CANCELLED AT NETFLIX: According to Page Six, there will not be a second season of Netflix’s Selling Tampa, and some of the cast members think racism is the reason why not. “When they show us [black women] in a different light — when we’re bickering, fighting and name-calling — they get a Season 2 and Season 3, but that’s not what we were displaying,” cast member Juawana Colbert told the outlet. “We know that [‘Selling Tampa’] was No. 1 in multiple countries, and it did fairly well. Obviously, it’s not going to be a ‘Selling Sunset’ Season 5. … It’s just weird. All of a sudden this all-black cast doesn’t even get a chance for a Season 2.”

CHECK OUT THE TRAILER FOR ‘EMPIRE OF LIGHT:’ Searchlight Pictures released the trailer for Empire of Light on Monday (November 14th), starring Olivia Colman and Michael Ward. In the film, set to be released on December 9th, Colman’s Hillary meets Ward’s Stephen while working at The Empire cinema. According to The A.V. Club, the film is set during the time of “the 1981 Brixton Riots and the rise of the far-right fascist National Front party.”