Despite photographic evidence of their burgeoning romance nine months ago, Brad Pitt and German model Nicole Poturalski have somehow kept it under wraps. While Pitt has been linked to everyone from Sienna Miller to Alia Shawkat to his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston in the years since his split from Angelina Jolie, nothing has been concrete or confirmed, until (apparently) now.

The pair were photographed leaving a private jet in France together, and following a trail led by internet sleuths, the pair were photographed flirting at the Hollywood Bowl way back in 2019, a full nine months in the past.

Poturalski has left some hints too, on social media, where she typically posts about modeling, her son Emil, social issues like Black Lives Matter, child trafficking and gun control. And there’s also a post about her missing her “love,” which, if the timeline is correct could be Pitt. She also recently posted about loving Saturdays as a time for “self reflection, reading books spending time with my better half.”

Fans have clearly been freaking out, with some fans saying she resembles Aniston, and others saying she looks like Jolie, and still others claiming she looks like both of them put together. Wrote one: “Anyone else notice how Nicole Poturalski looks like Jennifer Aniston & Angelina Jolie combined??”