Seth Rogen is known for many things: iconic film roles, marijuana entrepreneurship and a love of sharing stories. All of that is coming together with a new podcast launched in tandem with Stitcher, Storytime With Seth Rogen. He sat down with Vulture to discuss.

Rogen says it’s all about sharing untold tales: “I will try to honor the story and its stakes in your life. That’s something I’m trying to reflect: The story might seem low stakes in the grand scale of the universe, but to the people experiencing them — even if the story is just, like, how you accidentally insulted someone — in your head it could be as though you’re in the midst of Michael Clayton. It’s an exercise in distilled storytelling to me, trying to put the audience in the head of the storyteller and make it as cinematic an experience as possible.”

He interviews famous people like Paul Rudd and Quinta Brunson, but also regular people he’s “inherently interested in. Some are people I do not know, and have been referred to me by others, because I’ve asked a lot of people I know personally if they knew of anybody in their life who’s always told you this story that they felt should have a larger audience.”

On what’s next: “I’ve never been someone to project what the future is, because from a young age, things far surpassed any expectations I had. For the last 20 years, it’s just been a constant state of, ‘Holy s**t, this is crazy.’ I don’t know where it’ll go, but if we stayed here, I’d be totally fine.”