ADAM DRIVER STARS IN ANOTHER BURBERRY CAMPAIGN FEATURING A HORSE: According to GQ, Burberry‘s most recent ad campaign with Adam Driver isn’t the first time the House of Gucci star ran along the shore with a horse. The new campaign comes almost a year after Driver’s first Burberry campaign. The press release states that Driver is featured “in the awe-inspiring beauty of the natural world, depicting what masculinity means today by embracing freedom of expression and the beauty of contradictions—how strength can be subtle, and emotions can empower.”

JAMIE FOXX OPENS UP ABOUT GETTING CAMERON DIAZ TO COME BACK TO ACTING: Jamie Foxx told Entertainment Tonight recently what he did to get Cameron Diaz out of retirement. “Cameron is such an incredible force and she has done so much in this business. We love her,” he said, claiming that he simply asked her, “'Do you wanna have some fun? Just have some fun!' And I think that's what brought her to it.” Regarding Diaz’s return to the big screen, Foxx added, “We miss special moments sometimes, in our business, and I think this is a special moment. So we're so happy that it's happening and looking forward to it.”

MARTHA STEWART CELEBRATES HER 81ST BIRTHDAY: Martha Stewart celebrated her birthday with a selfie on Wednesday (August 3rd), sharing that she had a “just a bit too much” chardonnay. In the photo posted to Instagram, Stewart seems to be lying down. “birthday selfie @prior to big bday dinner -we had a delicious lunch and just a bit too much @19crimes martha’s chard,” she captioned the post.

CAM GIGANDET AND DOMINIQUE GEISENDORFF ARE DIVORCING: After 13 years of marriage, Twilight actor Cam Gigandet and Dominique Geisendorff are going their separate ways. Entertainment Tonight reports that Geisendorff filed divorce papers on Monday (August 1st), citing irreconcilable differences as the reason. The pair share three children together.