Adam Sandler reunited with his Sandy Wexler costar Jennifer Hudson on her talk show Tuesday (November 21st)—and didn’t hold back as he sang her praises.

"I love you; you just mean a lot to me, and you always will," the Happy Gilmore actor told Hudson. "I've been watching you [and] when you first started the show, I was just so happy for you, and I could see the audience loved you so much."

The same goes for his family, too. "My family loves her so much, my wife, my kids, my mom, my mother-in-law, we all hung out, and we literally got so close. We just think you're the best,” he shared.

The pair reflected on their time shooting the 2017 film together, and Hudson revealed that her son David was confused when he saw his mother kiss Sandler on set. "That never goes over good, it never does," the Billy Madison actor replied. "No, the kids don't like it."

Sandler added, "You know, when I have to kiss anybody they're not thrilled about that, but my wife is always telling them, 'It's OK, it's part of the job. Let Daddy kiss.'"