Suzanne Somers’ husband, Alan Hamel, opened up to Page Six in an interview published Tuesday (January 16th) about the “odd things” he’s experienced since the Three’s Company actor passed away in October of last year. The couple were married for nearly 50 years.

“Three things happened. The same day, that were very strange,” he told the outlet. First, “a hummingbird flew into our house and made the rounds in the kitchen, and the living room and the dining room.” From there, it “hovered” in front of and “landed on top” of a framed picture of the couple—which he managed to capture a picture of.

Later, “the fireplace started all by itself,” and “some music came on by Suzanne’s favorite composer.” The Razzle Dazzle actor added, “No one’s ever heard of this guy.”

In light of all of this, Hamel told the outlet, “I’m a believer now that there is an after life. I’m convinced of it … I think there’s something we don’t understand. I think there’s a plane somewhere … after we discard our bodies. We still have our soul. I think our soul is energy. The soul must go somewhere and do something.”