Alec Baldwin raised the ire of many of his followers who questioned his decision to post and promote his new podcast episode with disgraced director Woody Allen on Blackout Tuesday

The 62-year-old wrote: “Woody Allen’s new book, Apropos of Nothing, starts with a portrait of his father, a tough-guy World War One Navy veteran and onetime gunman in a firing squad. It’s the first of a series of surprising, fascinating stories from a life that went from working-class Jewish Brooklyn in the 1940s to movie sets in Rome and Paris. The book also addresses the accusation of an incident of sexual abuse leveled by Dylan Farrow. Allen and Alec cover it all — plus how he’s doing in the age of coronavirus — in this candid and wide-ranging interview.”

Later, he said that the three films they made together were the “highlight” of his career. 

Followers slammed his “bad timing,” and Baldwin replied: “In the course of this podcast, we have often booked guests that have either requested or required a specific posting date in order to promote a project. We make every effort to honor those requests. Allen is no exception. As for the perceived lack of sensitivity re BlackOutTuesday, I had no idea about this … national day of whatever.”

Baldwin went on explain “three things” to his followers.

“The professional lives of some people cannot be put on hold at the whims of political correctness,” he wrote. “I believe Allen is innocent and that is my right. Posting a black screen today or any other day, though a decent sentiment, is not an effective political stance. Voting, and working to enroll others to vote, is more … practical."