Alicia Silverstone‘s son Bear has opted to lop off his famously long locks. The 9-year-old, whom Silverstone shares with her ex Christopher Jarecki, went from super long hair that he often swept up in buns to a short, cropped haircut, which he gelled and styled.

Silverstone wrote: “I miss his hair!!!!! Was it his decision? Yes. Did I cry inside as I watched him get it cut? Maybe… but did I try to stop him? Not for one second.”

She added: “The reason he chose to keep it for as long as he did was because he loved it so much!!! He just wanted to try something new. Although I have a feeling he’ll find a way back to his long hair again in the future. No matter what though, I will always support my sweet, caring, and precious little boy in every decision he makes.”

Bear has been bullied over his long hair, she recently shared on social media.