The American Idol auditions came to an end last night.

There were several firsts on last night – including auditions on a boat and around a campfire – as the judges make their final selections before the show’s Hollywood Week, which begins with tomorrow’s episode.

Hollywood Week this time around will have some changes to the format.

This season’s Hollywood Week will abandon the “lines of 10” format previously used, instead opting to dig deeper into each contestant’s preferred genre; singers will be able to showcase their stylistic comfort zones in the Genre Challenge, opting to focus on pop, country, R&B or whatever their genre of choice may be.

The second round of Hollywood Week will abandon the previously utilized group format and instead turn its attention to duets. Contestants will pair up with a partner of their choosing and work together to select, arrange and perform a song. While singers will have the freedom to choose their pairings, the new format also pits them against their partner, meaning that each performer will have to decide whether they want to select a partner who is in their genre or outside of it, and more or less vocally skilled than they are.

The third round of the week will remain the way it has been in years past, focusing on solo performances. This round will also bring a full band into the mix for each contestant’s performance.

Here are the hopefuls that made it through to the next round last night:

Robert Taylor, 27 (Donaldsonville, Louisiana) – “Bruises” by Lewis Capaldi Grace Leer, 27 (Nashville, Tennessee) – “Crowded Table” by The Highwomen / “Crazy” by Patsy Cline Franklin Boone, 27 (Durham, North Carolina) – “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac Roselyn Carter, 26 (Watts, California) – “Mother Bowed” by The Pilgrim Travelers / “So High” by John Legend Megan Knight, 21 (Williamston, New Jersey) – “When Your Mind’s Made Up” by Glen Hansard Gilberto Rivera, 23 (Orlando, Florida) – “Proud Mary” by Tina Turner Aliana Jester, 18 (Tampa, Florida) – “Who’s Lovin’ You” by The Miracles Jahzan, 18 (Kingston, Jamaica) – “Warrior” by Demi Lovato Jordan Moyes, 25 (Provo, Utah) – “I’m On Fire” by Bruce Springsteen Demi Rae, 26 (San Jose, California) – “Mad At You” by Noah Cyrus Makayla Brownlee, 17 (Wellington, Kansas) – “Travelin’ Soldier” by the Dixie Chicks Amber Fiedler, 23 (Coeur D’Alene, Idaho) – “Trust In Me” by Etta James

AMERICAN IDOL Gilberto Rivera performs Hello with Lionel Richie :

AMERICAN IDOL Grace Leer performs Crazy :

AMERICAN IDOL Jordan Moyes performs Im On Fire :

AMERICAN IDOL Nash the Mullet Man is stopped by security :