The accused killer and ex of model-turned-therapist Amie Harwick has been released from jail, according to reports of court records. Gareth Pursehouse, 41, was released on $2 million bond at 10:25 pm Tuesday, three days after being accused of throwing Drew Carey’s ex-fiance from the balcony of her third-floor apartment.

Pursehouse has been ordered to return to court on March 10th. The 38-year-old Harwick repeatedly accused Pursehouse of stalking her, and had a restraining order in place, that was lifted before the alleged murder.

Court docs read: “He has suffocated me, punched me, slammed my head on the ground, kicked me. This has resulted in bruises, inability to walk, bleeding, broken blood vessels around face, whiplash, sore neck and back.”

She ran into Pursehouse weeks before her death when he appeared as a photographer at a porn awards show hosted by Stormy Daniels.


The Price Is Right host Carey, meanwhile, is channeling his grief in an effort to get stricter domestic violence laws passed. On Twitter, he shared a petition called “Justic 4 Amie,” writing: “Please sign this petition and chip in if you can. Thank you and bless you.”

The petition, written by her friend Diana Arias, reads: “Domestic Violence is a serious concern for everyone. I recently lost a wonderful friend, Dr. Amie Harwick. She was murdered as a result of poor laws not protecting the victims and treating the offenders. I refuse to let her death be in vain. She was a doctor in the mental health field and advocate in the community. We need to do the same and advocate for Amie.”

The petition aims to eliminate expiration dates on restraining orders and requires counseling for abusers and stalkers.