Amy Schumer revealed in Jessica Yellin’s News Not Noise newsletter on Friday (February 23rd) that she has been diagnosed with Cushing Syndrome, a condition caused by too much cortisol in the body.

The Trainwreck actor shared that this syndrome is what is behind her “puffier” face as of late. She added that "having the internet chime in" on how she looks is actually "how I realized something was wrong."

While she was promoting the second season of her Hulu series Life & Beth, Schumer explained that she was also undergoing medical tests. The I Feel Pretty actor was “in MRI machines four hours at a time, having my veins shut down from the amount of blood drawn and thinking I may not be around to see my son grow up.”

Relieved by her diagnosis, she shared that “finding out I have the kind of Cushing that will just work itself out and I'm healthy was the greatest news imaginable. It has been a crazy couple weeks for me and my family."