After a six-week break from the spotlight over the holidays, royal watchers are eager to see what Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will be up to in 2020. Their first public visit to Canada House Tuesday may have provided clues.

The pair reportedly went in part to thank Canada for their visit over the holidays. Before swinging by the Canada House though, the pair popped in to the Hubb Community Kitchen in West London, where she bonded with women after visiting them in the aftermath of the devastating Grenfall Tower Fire.

At Canada House, the staff spoke warmly to Town & Country of their visit. Consular assistant Sumira Osmin said: “They are just beautiful, and just their aura, and they’re always so positive…They’re very caring.”

The pair checked out a special exhibit in the Canada Gallery by Indigenous artist Skawennatti. Canadian High Commissioner to the U.K., Janice Charette, told T&C it was “an exhibit which spans both the history and tradition as well as the future which is a very unique approach and very creative.”

The High Commissioner described the royal couple’s visit as a “chance to catch up, hear a bit about their visit to Canada and their holidays in Canada, and their impressions.”

She added that she discussed with them “what they see in terms of their priorities for the next year,” pointing out: “There’s a lot of areas where they have interests which are also priorities for Canada.”

So what’s in the hopper? Topics like gender equality and gender empowerment, homelessness, mental health and youth engagement. Charette predicted that Canada House and the Sussexes would work together in the coming year on projects they’re both interested in.

The royals are expected to announce specifics as they formally launch their foundation, Sussex Royal, this year.