Ana de Armas sat down with American Way, and inside, she dished on working with her current boyfriend Ben Affleck, and several other “handsome” co-stars, which have included Chris Evans, Daniel Craig and Keanu Reeves

She and Affleck co-star in the forthcoming Deep Water, a film adaptation of Patricia Highsmith’s psychological thriller. The 31-year-old has several other projects in the words as well, including No Time to Die, with Craig as Bond and Blonde, a fictionalized take on Marilyn Monroe’s life based on Joyce Carol Oates’ novel. 

The Cuban-born star moved to L.A. in 2014, fluent only in Spanish. “I was auditioning for parts, and I didn’t even know the words I was saying. But, I knew what was going on in the scene, and I could emotionally be in touch with what was on the page.”

The turning point in her career was 2016’s Knock Knock, with Reeves. “I had such a great time working with Keanu, and we have become so close,” she says. “We shot Knock Knock in only 28 days, mostly at night. Despite the challenges, I had a great time. He called me when he was producing Exposed and said, ‘I cannot imagine anyone better to play this role.’”

Next up was Blade Runner 2049, with Ryan Gosling. “I auditioned three times for Joi, and the third time, I knew he would be there. I was shaking so badly. They put you in a room together and make you read things, to see how your chemistry is. I wish I had the tape of that meeting. I’ve been very lucky––because these men are all very handsome––but the best part of it is who they are as people. I’ve had the best partners.”