ANNE HECHE WAS TRAPPED INSIDE BURNING CAR FOR 45 MINUTES FOLLOWING CRASH: NBC News reports that firefighters couldn’t access Anne Heche‘s car for at least 20 minutes following the August 5th car crash that led to her death. It took at least another 20 minutes for them to pull Heche’s car out of the house in order to rescue Heche. “Given the heavy fire and smoke conditions, it wasn't that you could clearly see into the vehicle or clearly be able to access it,” LAFD Deputy Chief Richard Fields told NBC. “Heavy smoke conditions, heavy fire conditions, which makes it very difficult for us to just see each other on the inside of a working structure fire,” he said.

JORDANA BREWSTER MARRIES MASON MORFIT: People reports that Jordana Brewster and Mason Morfit tied the knot on Sunday (September 4th) in Redondo Beach, California. The couple had a Fast and Furious¬-style wedding, as the ceremony included various cars lined up from the films. Brewster’s Fast and Furious costars were also in attendance, including Ludacris, Vin Diesel, and Paul Walker's daughter, Meadow.

SPENCER PRATT SAYS LISA KUDROW IS ‘ONE OF THE WORST HUMANS’ HE’S EVER MET: The Hills alum Spencer Pratt has taken to TikTok to explain why Lisa Kudrow is “one of the worst humans” he’s ever met. In a video posted on Saturday (September 3rd), he said, “The year was 2009 and Heidi Montag and I were invited to our first elite A-list party. It was clear when we got there, no one wanted us there. As we were sitting there consuming a little caviar, Phoebe Kudrow approaches, which was a little shocking as no one had spoken to us at all at the party.” Pratt added that Kudrow told his wife she “needs to get away from me as fast as possible because I’m going to murder her” and that he had “the eyes of a serial killer.”