ANNE HECHE’S PODCAST CO-HOST SHARES EMOTIONAL TRIBUTE TO THE LATE ACTRESS: Heather Duffy, Anne Heche‘s Better Together podcast co-host, took to Instagram on Wednesday (August 17th) to honor the late Six Days Seven Nights actress. “I had to take a moment to begin to process the profound loss of my beautiful friend with the kindest soul I've known,” Duffy wrote. “Anne was joyful despite all the challenges that she faced in her life. She was truthful despite being in a business that is make-believe. Spreading love and kindness in the world is what mattered most to her, even if, at times, the world did not give it back.”

KYLIE JENNER REVEALS WHAT KRIS AND CAITLYN JENNER ALMOST NAMED HER: On TikTok Wednesday (August 17th), Kylie Jenner shared a video of herself with her daughter Stormi Webster and revealed that Kris and Caitlyn Jenner almost named her “Kennedy.” The Kardashians star added that the name just “doesn’t hit the same.”

RACHEL BILSON SAYS SHE MISSES BILL HADER’S ‘BIG D—K:’ The O.C. star Rachel Bilson shared why she had so much trouble moving on from her ex, Bill Hader, on a recent episode of her Broad Ideas podcast. When her guest, Tommy Dorfman, asked what she missed “the most” about Hader, Bilson said, “His big d—k.” They both burst into laughter, then Bilson said, “We can keep that. … And cut, let’s move on.”

ALISON BRIE SHARES THE SECRET TO HER MARRIAGE WITH DAVE FRANCO: In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, GLOW actress Alison Brie revealed how she and Superbad actor Dave Franco have held on to their happy marriage for five years. “Communication. Its all about good communication,” she said. “Everybody says it, but I think that's why we try to work together so much honestly, just so we can spend more time together … So we don't have to be apart so much. But even when we're apart, we really make an effort to connect every day.”