Annie Murphy revealed to The Zoe Report that she battled depression during the Schitt’s Creek farewell tour in the beginning of 2020.  

According to the Kevin Can F**ck Himself star, she turned to her co-star Noah Reid to help her put on a “brave face” in front of the audience and then returned home to cry. 

When the coronavirus pandemic hit in March of 2020, filming of her new AMC+ series was delayed and she flew home to spend time with her family.  According to Murphy, her mom was alarmed to see her crying “12 times a day hysterically.”

The actress started going to therapy and began taking antidepressants.  She told the outlet, “I do not cry every single day on the floor 12 times… I am able to focus on other things in my life. Now, honestly, if a friend's like, ‘I'm having a really hard time,' I'm like, ‘Get on drugs. Get on drugs!' You don't have to be on drugs for the whole time, but they truly, truly saved my life in the sense that I was not a functional human being and I was able to be a functional human being."