Anthony Hopkins didn’t just celebrate the New Year over the weekend—he also celebrated a monumental 47 years of sobriety. The Hannibal actor shared a video to Instagram on Thursday (December 29th) to announce the news.

“I’m celebrating 47 years today of sobriety,” he said. “This is a message not meant to be heavy, but I hope helpful. I am a recovering alcoholic. And to you out there — I know there are people struggling. In this day and age of cancel and hatred and non-compromise, children being bullied, I say… Be kind to yourself. Be kind. Stay out of the circle of toxicity with people, if they offend you. Live your life. Be proud of your life.”

The Meet Joe Black actor wanted to share this message to encourage others to seek help if they need it. “Forty seven years ago I was in a desperate situation, in despair and probably not long to live. I just had to acknowledge one day that there was something really wrong with me,” he said. “Depression is part of being alive, sometimes as is anxiety. Life is tough. But if you need help with any addiction or problem, talk to someone. Talk to someone you respect, whether it’s a counselor or to go to a 12-step program. It doesn’t cost a thing, but it will give you a whole new life,” Hopkins added.