Armie Hammer is addressing the sexual abuse allegations made against him for the first time since they arose in February 2021. In an interview with Air Mail published on Friday (February 3rd), the Call Me By Your Name actor denied raping a woman named Effie, who said he “mentally, emotionally and sexually” abused her during their four-year-long relationship.

Instead, Hammer claims that the pair engaged in a consensual rape “scene.” He told the outlet, “She planned all of the details out, all the way down to what Starbucks I would see her at, how I would follow her home, how her front door would be open and unlocked and I would come in, and we would engage in what is called a 'consensual non-consent scene,' CNC.” He added, “Every single thing was discussed beforehand. I have never thrust this on someone unexpectedly. Never.”

Hammer also revealed that he was sexually abused by a youth pastor at the age of 13, which led him to later become interested in BDSM. “What that did for me was it introduced sexuality into my life in a way that it was completely out of my control. I was powerless in the situation. I had no agency in the situation,” he said. “Sexuality was introduced to me in a scary way where I had no control. My interests then went to: I want to have control in the situation, sexually.”

In addition to all of this, the Social Network actor admitted that he was “one million percent” emotionally abusive towards Paige Lorenze and Courtney Vucekovich, who made separate allegations against him and appeared in the Discovery+ docuseries House of Hammer. “I would have these younger women in their mid-20s, and I'm in my 30s. I was a successful actor at the time. They could have been happy to just be with me and would have said yes to things that maybe they wouldn't have said yes to on their own. That's an imbalance of power in the situation,” he said.

Hammer added, “I'm here to own my mistakes, take accountability for the fact that I was an asshole, that I was selfish, that I used people to make me feel better, and when I was done, moved on. And treated people more poorly than they should have been treated.”