First the DM leak, now this. Armie Hammer documented his alleged desires—including, but not limited to cannibalism—on a secret Instagram account, Page Six reports. The account also featured videos of scantily clad women, raw meat, pigs’ heads and large knives, not to mention complaints about his soon-to-be ex-wife Elizabeth Chambers.

“Well… my ex (for a very good reason) wife is refusing to come back to america with my children,” Hammer allegedly wrote of Chambers on the account titled el_destructo_86. “So I have to go back to Cayman… which sucks. Except there are a few silver linings. Like f–king Ms. Cayman again while I’m down there.”

All of this comes after leaks of alleged DMs he sent about rape, cannibalism and other dark fantasies. In one DM, shared by the anonymous Instagram account @HouseofEffie, Hammer allegedly told a partner he wished to “cut off one of your toes and keep it with me in my pocket so I always had a piece of you in my possession.”

The 38-year-old Chambers had been living in the Cayman Islands with their children, Harper and Ford. The 34-year-old Chambers also posted a court order requiring him to take a drug test before he visited Chambers and their kids. He wrote: “My body is a finely tuned toxicant processing unit. To be fair I had THC and benzos in my piss. But who doesn’t.”

He stepped down from a rom-com co-starring Jennifer Lopez amid an ugly uproar over DMs he allegedly sent women featuring rape and cannibalism fantasies. One of his exes, Courtney Vucekovich, supported the allegations, telling Page Six: “He did some things with me that I wasn’t comfortable with. For God knows what reason, he convinced me that these things were OK and he put me in some dangerous situations where I was not OK, where he was heavily drinking, and I wasn’t drinking that way and it scared me. I didn’t feel comfortable.”

Chambers filed for divorce from Hammer in July.