Supermodel Ashley Graham has shattered stereotypes about beauty since the 33-year-old launched her career. Now, the mother, podcast host, activist and entrepreneur is sitting down with WSJ Magazine to share insight into her work and life with cinematographer and husband Justine Ervin.

A brief list of her firsts via WSJ: She was the first size 14 model featured on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue, in 2016; the first plus-size model to appear on the cover of Vogue, in 2017; and the first curvy model of her generation to receive a major beauty contract in the United States, as a Revlon ambassador in 2018.

Graham tells the magazine of her mission: “My brand is about confidence and owning who you are and being honest with who you are. I think that’s incredibly reflective of my Instagram, my YouTube, my podcast. I just wish that I had someone that was as real and honest and open when I was in middle school, high school, moving to New York.”

Not that it’s always easy, especially during lockdown. Graham explains: “There's Ashley the brand and then there's Ashley the mom, wife — and we're all stuck under one roof together. Who is she? I've been talking to a therapist about it now, too. I've always morphed.”

She is focusing on figuring it out she says: “It's been to my advantage because that's the industry I am in. But in morphing, I've also kind of lost the core, and I feel like 2020 has enhanced the losing of the core, of who she is because of the pandemic and the baby. So what I'm working on is the core of Ashley right now and also her past, helping embrace that.”


After welcoming Isaac last year, she says she is ready to be pregnant again. Yesterday. She says: “I would get pregnant yesterday if I could. I've 'accidentally' had unprotected sex while I'm ovulating just to see if I can while I'm breastfeeding.”