The highly anticipated sequel Avatar: The Way of Water finally hit theaters over the weekend, pulling in $134 million. According to CNN, this marked director James Cameron’s first opening that surpassed the $100 million mark. Despite this, the film didn’t reach its $150-$175 million projections, but Deadline reports that studio executives aren’t concerned. Disney’s Tony Chambers said, “We got the word of mouth, we’ve got a great movie, we have the screens and a clear run ahead throughout the holidays.”

Box Office Numbers from Friday (December 16th) through Sunday (December 18th):

1. Avatar: The Way of Water, $134 million
2. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, $5.4 million
3. Violent Night, $5 million
4. Strange World, $2.2 million
5. The Menu, $1.7 million
6. Devotion, $825,000
7. The Fabelmans, $750,000
8. Black Adam, $500,000
9. I Heard the Bells, $309,000
10. Empire of Light, $235,000