The Bachelorette alumna Hannah Brown shocked and rocked Bachelor Nation by showing up Monday night at the season premiere of Peter Weber‘s The Bachelor. The Alabama native stepped out of the limo to return the pilot wings he gave her during season 15 of The Bachelorette.

Then she popped up again to help plan a group date and dish on the infamous windmill incident with Weber. Then that’s when things took a turn for the cray.

Weber saw Brown sobbing in a back room and went in to comfort her. As they talked and rehashed her ill-fated decision to ask out runner-up Tyler Cameron after breaking things off with her chosen one Jed Wyatt upon learning of his relationship with another woman during his stint on The Bachelorette, Weber admitted to questioning her decisions.

Then, he asked her what she’d say if he invited her to return. “I mean, maybe,” she replied. Weber confessed that despite feeling torn, he “can’t stop” how his “heart feels.”

Bachelor Nation had strong feelings, every which way, about these various developments.

“I love Hannah Brown,” Becca Tilley wrote in part of a tweet. “I want her to be The Bachelorette again.”

Evan Bass concurred. “No matter who steps outta this limo and how hard #TheBachelor tries I am still demanding a Hannah B second Bachelorette season,” he tweeted with his wife, Carly Waddell, seemingly agreeing by tweeting, “Word.”

Others, not so much.

“Wait we back on Hannah's season?!” Tia Booth tweeted. She also claimed, “That s–t was painful to watch. Now Peter is gonna have this on his mind the whole season.”

Diggy Moreland asked, “Whose season is this again?”

Nicole Lopez-Alvar claimed she actually “did one of my giant, over-the-top, exaggerated gasps when I saw @hannahbrown pop up on my screen while I was eating my calzone and I JUST CHOKED.”

“Ok, this hurts to watch now,” she tweeted. “I love @hannahbrown and tbh I don't know Peter (omg Peter if you're reading this hi ignore all my tweets teehee hi) but yeah I love him too! no!! #TheBachelor.”

Others wanted even more cray.

“God I want Tyler to walk in on this conversation with Peter and ask Hannah out,” Nick Viall tweeted.