Bam Margera‘s brother, Jess Margera, took to Twitter on Wednesday (April 26th) to share more details about a recent domestic dispute. This comes after Pennsylvania State Police announced on Monday (April 24th) that they are looking for the Jackass star, after he punched Jess in the face and threatened family members.

Responding to a fan, Jess tweeted, “I’m trying to stay positive. Bam really is the sweetest guy when he isn’t messed up. But since his meth habit, hes unrecognizable & I really don’t know what he’s capable of. Seeing him screaming @ at a person that wasn’t there, hallucinating. It’s really scary & heartbreaking.”

Jess added in a separate tweet that Bam is with his girlfriend and her eight-year-old child. “His gf has her phone, I’m obviously very worried about bam but I’m extremely worried about that there is an 8 yr old child w them. I can’t even imagine the environment in that car right now. I hope she’s okay she is the sweetest kid, she doesn’t deserve this unnecessary trauma,” he wrote.