After Jenelle Evans and her husband David Eason regained custody of their three children, many were left concerned about the safety of their kids. The pair lost custody after a public uproar over David, 31, reportedly shooting and killing Jenelle’s dog in front of some of the kids, and then rationalizing it on social media.

Jenelle, 27, was also fired from her hit MTV show Teen Mom 2 after multiple advertisers pulled out of the show.

But according to Radar, no one is angrier about the decision than Jenelle’s mom Barbara Evans. “It was an injustice to the children,” she fumed to Radar. “We are all sick to our stomachs.”

Barbara has had custody of Jenelle’s eldest son Jace, 9, since he was a baby, and while the new ruling keeps Jace with Barbara, it allows Jenelle to resume unsupervised visits.

According to Barbara, the court-mandated hand-off was a “disaster.”

She told Radar: “David came over my house, and started a fight all over again. Jace was very upset, and he didn’t want to go with them,” she said, adding that Jace didn’t leave. Barbara said David screamed at her when Jace refused to go. “He just is the same person he normally is. He’s not going to change. He is an evil f**king person,” she fumed.

“Now they’re back with this crazed guy,” she said. “He’s back in his mean s**t.”

She added that she will “fight” to get the kids back.