Following the release of the new Netflix show Beef, a video resurfaced in which cast member David Choe describes himself sexually assaulting a massage therapist. Many took to Twitter to denounce the actor and call for a boycott of the show.

In the clip, which has since been taken down from Twitter “in response to a report from the copyright holder,” Choe referred to himself as a “successful rapist” and detailed forcing a massage therapist to give him oral sex.

“The thrill of possibly going to jail, you know, that’s what achieved the erection quest,” he said at the time. A month after the video was first released, Choe claimed that it was an “edgy” joke.

“Four episodes in, but after listening to this, I’ll call it a season. I can’t support this project. And yes, one person CAN ruin an entire show or experience. #BEEFNetflix @netflix,” one Twitter user wrote.

Another commented, “This is sick and disturbing and we wonder why rape culture thrives … I had Beef on the list to watch but nah #BoycottBeef @netflix do better.”