In March, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry shocked many when they landed in L.A. after settling in Canada following their much-publicized flight from senior royal roles in England. According to new reports in the Daily Mail, Meghan and Harry slipped into L.A. relatively under-cover because of “a well-planned operation that appears to have worked perfectly.”

Currently, they are staying at Tyler Perry‘s $18 million 12-bedroom “secluded compound,” and borrowed his private jet get there. Here’s how they did it: they left Canada early in the AM, then flew to a “corporate airport” in Portland, Oregon, where they went through customs. When they arrived in L.A., they were able to dash through, without dealing with customs or immigration.


Now that they are there, they’ve hired friend David and Victoria Beckham‘s former aide, Rebecca Mostow, 70, to help them run their lives. Mostow also worked with Prince and Seal.

Mostow is joining a powerful group of supporters and aides, including Catherine St.-Laurent, one of Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates‘ top execs. She is Harry and Meghan’s chief of staff and the executive director of their soon-to-launch nonprofit.