Nikki and Brie Bella are ready to give their show a knockout punch.

“We love filming reality. We don’t mind it, but you start seeing your kids and that’s what you have to start to think about,” Brie, the youngest of the wrestling twins told ET.

But: “My daughter hates the camera. So does my husband.” Brie shares Birdie, 4, and Buddy, 10 months, with husband Daniel Bryan.

“Birdie doesn’t even let me take pictures,” Brie explained. “So I’m very respectful of her space, what she wants. I only let her film if she wants to walk into a scene.”.

Nikki also said she didn’t want to raise Matteo, 10 months, on-camera.

“I just don’t want him one day to look at me and be like, ‘You never gave me that choice. You put my life out there and you didn’t let me have the say, choose that,’ and I don’t want that,” Nikki explained.


Nikki also explained why she and Artem Chigvintsev are putting their wedding on hold. “We'd love it to be in the fall and a few of the venues were like, 'We're available.' And what we just started saying is, 'We're so busy every day and we completely remodeled the inside of our home,” she continued. “We haven't even lived in it yet and we're doing the outside and that takes so much work. We're still not even done designing. And so he and I both were just like, 'Let's get through the house. If it happens, it happens.'”

Total Bellas premiered on E! in 2016.