BEN AFFLECK AND TOM BRADY PLAY CATCH WHILE FILMING DUNKIN’ DONUTS COMMERCIAL: According to Today, Dunkin’ Donuts released behind-the-scenes footage of Ben Affleck and Tom Brady playing catch with a football on Monday (February 12th). In the clip, the Gone Girl actor interrupts Matt Damon and the former quarterback as they toss the ball around—all three men sporting their orange-and-pink tracksuits. At first, Brady throws an easy pass to Affleck. "Don't do me like that," the Argo actor says, encouraging Brady to “throw it with heat.” Missing the next pass, Affleck adds, "Yeah, I wasn't ready for that." 

JANE LYNCH CALLS JENNIFER COOLIDGE THE ‘QUEEN OF THE GAY MAFIA’ IN HOLLYWOOD: While speaking to People at the Santa Barbara Film Festival's Virtuosos Awards recently, Jane Lynch referred to her onscreen lover in Best in Show, Jennifer Coolidge, as “the queen of the gay mafia” in Hollywood. The Glee actor told the outlet that she herself is "not part of" any "gay mafia" in Hollywood. "They haven't let me in, OK," she jokingly added. "But I think Jennifer is, if there is a gay mafia. Even though she's not gay, she's in it and she's probably the queen … The Queen? Yes. She's the queen of the gay mafia, not drag queen. Just a queen."

PENELOPE CRUZ CALLS FOR A CEASEFIRE IN GAZA: Penelope Cruz is the latest celebrity to use her platform to call for a ceasefire in Gaza. The Ferrari actor shared a text box that reads, “CEASEFIRE NOW! RELEASE ALL HOSTAGES NOW!” to her Instagram page on Tuesday (February 13th). According to AP News, nearly 28,000 people have been killed in Palestine since the October 7th attacks in Israel—during which approximately 1,200 people were killed. 

SHARON STONE SAYS IT’S ‘VERY EXPENSIVE TO BE FAMOUS:’ In a new cover story for InStyle, Sharon Stone shared a downside to being rich and famous. “You go out to dinner, and there’s 15 people at the table, and who gets the check? You get the $3,000 dinner check every single time,” the Basic Instinct actor told the outlet. She added that it’s “very expensive to be famous.”