Seth Rogen’s first book, “Yearbook,” dropped Tuesday, with an array of real-life stories and personal essays, including plenty of wild drug, partying and teenage antic tales. 

A few takeaways:

In 2011’s Green Hornet, Nicolas Cage wanted the lead role, cut co-writer Rogen says his eccentric demands doomed the deal. "I want to play a bald guy but have hair tattooed on my head and big prosthetic lips," Cage requested, according to Rogen. Cage's other demands included portraying "a white Bahamian" with a thick Caribbean accent and dumping pig's blood on the Green Hornet like a "creepy, voodoo ritual."

He also revealed a strange run-in he and Rogen and Judd Apatow had with Tom Cruise, in which the actor raved about Louis Farrakhan, blamed “the pharmaceutical industry” for his public image and offered a lecture on Scientology.

He told Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey years ago to ban Donald Trump. “You’re aware that, almost weekly, the president is in blatant violation of your terms of service with regard to abusive behavior, threats, and harassment, and that kinda tells everyone that you don’t care about your own terms of service. It seems like you’re choosing what to enforce and not enforce, and right now you’re not enforcing very much regarding white supremacy," Rogen says he told Dorsey over the phone.

Rogen says Kanye West invited him and his wife Lauren Miller over to listen to unreleased songs after Rogen parodied him. Rogen says the encounter somehow got "weirder" when West showed them an idea for a movie: A drawing of a voluptuous tiger lady. "Like if Kim Kardashian was cast in the movie Cats," Rogen described the drawing.