The Real Housewives of New York City alum Bethenny Frankel has defended her comments about pronouns and gender identity made in her Just B podcast. (Frankel slammed the fact that her 11-year-old daughter Bryn and her classmates had to share their pronouns at school). She asked to be canceled on Twitter, writing: “Nominate me for cancelation. There are, like, five others before you so take a number.”

On Twitter, many seemed ready to hit “cancel.” Wrote one: “This is a time to learn, Bethenny. Humility can be a good thing. Doesn't mean you're weak. You were wrong with your comments.”

But many fans defended her saying they’ll “never cancel” Frankel.

She is set to tackle the subject again this week. Frankel tweeted: “I’m going to discuss this again this week. Thankfully I have a platform to clarify what the media loves to distort. PS I’m not afraid of cancelation so not afraid of charged discussions.”

Frankel also shared her opinion on inclusive bathrooms and summer camps: “What happens if a child isn’t ready to make a decision? Don’t a lot of girls in college have a lesbian phase and then they realize that they’re not? Maybe they’re going through something, maybe they want attention, maybe they’re going through a bad breakup. What is the age that someone’s absolutely positive who they are? There’s got to be gray area. … I’ve heard of situations when [people] unmake that decision. What does that mean for that camp? What does that mean for that bunk? Maybe a mother isn’t ready for her child to see a penis in a bunk and understand that child identifies as a girl.”