Bill Cosby has agreed to settle lawsuits with seven women who say he defamed them. Cosby accused them of lying about their sexual misconduct claims, per court documents filed Friday in a Massachusetts federal court. The papers show that both sides have agreed on a settlement.

Their agreement took place after the 81-year-old former Puddin’ Pop spokesman was sent to prison in the fall in a separate sexual assault case. He is serving a three-to10-year prison sentence. The judge overseeing the case still has to rubberstamp the settlement; the terms are under wraps.

Lawyer Joseph Cammarata represents the women and said on Friday that each “plaintiff is satisfied with the settlement.” He added that they will seek to depose Cosby if he does not drop counterclaims accusing them of harming his reputation through their accusations. 

The 7 women in the suit were among dozens of women who accused him of misconduct, including rape. Only one claim put forth by Andrea Constand could go to trial because of terms of limitations laws. Cosby continues to maintain his innocence and is appealing his conviction.