Mike & Molly actor Billy Gardell told Entertainment Tonight in a recent interview that he no longer has type 2 diabetes after losing more than 150 pounds since the start of the pandemic.

“No diabetes, resting heartbeat went from 113 to 68. Walking around pretty healthy these days,” he told the outlet. “I think you got to find peace with yourself and at some point, look in the mirror and go you know, it’s probably time to take care of you … I didn’t get that note early on. So I’m a big believer that when you get it, you get it. It doesn’t matter when. As long as you get it.”

Gardell added that he’s tired of hearing other people’s opinions when it comes to his body. “Of course, there's always people online that, you know, when I was heavy, they were like 'You're too heavy!' And now it's like, 'Are you sick?' Can I just walk the earth, please?!" he said.