Writers and actors are feeling the effects of the joint WGA and SAG-AFTRA strike. In a recent interview with Evening Standard, Billy Porter shared that he has to sell his house due to the fact that he isn’t working.

“I have to sell my house… Because we’re on strike. And I don’t know when we’re gonna go back to work,” the Pose star said. “The life of an artist, until you make f**k-you money — which I haven’t made yet — is still cheque-to-cheque. I was supposed to be in a new movie and on a new television show starting in September. None of that is happening.”

Referring to an unnamed Hollywood executive featured in a Deadline article in July, the Broken Hearts Club actor added, “So to the person who said, ‘We’re going to starve them out until they have to sell their apartments’ — you’ve already starved me out.”