Bob Odenkirk opened up about how the heart attack he experienced on the set of Better Call Saul in 2021 has affected his life in a recent interview with Yahoo!. The Breaking Bad star said he thinks about the incident “every day.”

"It's something I think about every day. Weirdly, it didn't affect me much for a long time,” he said, sharing that the health scare affected his memory. “I had a strange kind of upbeat energy literally the next day, and every day. It was because I had, like, a mind wipe every night."

Odenkirk continued, “So my ability to even think about what had happened to me [was compromised] — I needed to hear about it from people who'd been there, and I needed my brain to get back on a normal state."

The Fargo actor shared that the experience has changed his outlook on life. "Now that I've been able to make some space in my life — partly because of the writer's strike and the SAG strike — I've had time to contemplate what happened and, and it makes me think, How do I enjoy the days that I have?"