The legal drama between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie continues. In his latest court filings, Pitt claims Jolie “sought to inflict harm on” him by selling her interests in the former couple’s wine company.

Pitt and Jolie bought a controlling stake in the vineyard and home Château Miraval, located in the south of France, in 2008. They later got married at the vineyard in 2014.

Pitt’s recent court documents say Jolie contributed “nothing to Miraval's success” and that she “pursued and then consummated the purported sale in secret, purposely keeping Pitt in the dark, and knowingly violating Pitt's contractual rights.”

According to the filings, the buyer of Jolie’s shares, Yuri Shefler, is “bent on taking control of Miraval” and uses “cutthroat business tactics and dubious professional associations,” which “jeopardizes the reputation of the brand Pitt so carefully built.”

Pitt’s team added, “Jolie has sought to force Pitt into partnership with a stranger, and worse yet, a stranger with poisonous associations and intentions.”