Bradley Cooper is an A-lister with endless resources, but he tells his A Star Is Born costar Anthony Ramos for an Interview cover story that he is caring for his mother himself amid the pandemic.

The 45-year-old said: “I’m with my daughter Lea De Seine and my mother and my two dogs, and we have not left the house. My mother is going to be 80, and she has a colostomy bag, so I can’t let anybody in the house. And I can’t leave the house, because if she gets it, it’s over.”

Thankfully, he says that he and Lea, whom he shares with his ex Irina Shayk, have gotten plenty of fresh air.

“We live in a little townhouse, thankfully there’s a backyard,” he said. “I’m running a one-man preschool. We get up, we do swim class in the bathtub.”

Cooper also swapped insights into how life has changed amid the pandemic. He told Ramos: “My hunch is that this is going to be a complete chiropractic adjustment for our culture. That question might be answered by how we all move forward—it’s all changed now.”

They also discussed fame. Cooper said: That awards season stuff is a real test. It’s set up to foster that mentality. It’s quite a thing to work through, and it’s completely devoid of artistic creation. It’s not why you sacrifice everything to create art, and yet you spend so much time being a part of it if you’re, in quotes, ‘lucky enough to be a part of it.’ It’s ultimately a great thing because it really does make you face ego, vanity, and insecurity. It’s very interesting and utterly meaningless.”