Brad Pitt‘s parents Jane and William have not seen their six grandchildren amid his ugly split from Angelina Jolie. Maddox, 19, Pax, 16, Zahara, 15, Shiloh, 14, and twins Vivienne and Knox, 12, haven’t seen their paternal grandparents since 2016.

An insider tells The Sun: “When they were together, Brad and Angelina would take the kids to visit their grandparents. The kids would run riot. The Pitts have a huge backyard and they would go sledding in winter and have campfires in the summer.'

Beyond the obvious complications of navigating plans between two estranged parents, Jolie is reportedly not on good terms with Pitt’s mom. The insider says: “Jane is a Christian conservative who once slammed gay marriage, while Angelina is a liberal who has dated women, so it was never a recipe for a friendship. But no one ever thought it would turn out like this.”

The kids have been absent from major milestones, including her 80th birthday party, which was held at Pitt’s home in Goleta Thursday. While their kiddos weren’t present, Pitt’s brother and sister’s kids were there.

DIVORCE Meanwhile, Jolie and Pitt are still hashing out the details of their split. The 45-year-old Jolie filed court papers asking for the removal of the judge overseeing their divorce. Judge John W. Ouderkirk was hired by them in 2017 (he also married them in 2014) to oversee a private divorce.

But Jolie claims that Ouderkirk “failed to make timely mandatory disclosures of ongoing business and professional relationships between himself” and Pitt’s attorneys.

Pitt, meanwhile, has dubbed her filing a “Hail Mary,” adding that while Ouderkirk had “accepted additional new engagements involving opposing counsel” the matter had been “fully disclosed to Jolie” and that she “has never objected to Ouderkirk's continued involvement in this proceeding until now.”

The judge has 10 days to respond to her claims.