On Tuesday’s (February 12th) episode of the Dinner's on Me podcast, Bryan Cranston told a story about the time he became a murder suspect when he was in his 20s.

The Breaking Bad actor explained to host Jesse Tyler Ferguson that he and his brother were traveling the country in the 1970s, and they stopped in Florida to work for a while. The pair got jobs as waiters at a restaurant called the Hawaiian Inn, which was run by a "cantankerous" chef named Peter Wong who "just hated everyone."

Cranston shared that the staff would often joke about how they would “do away” with Wong. He told the group at the time that he would use a "meat grinder" or hit him over the head with "his own wok."

"We would laugh," Cranston said. "You're in a kitchen, there's a million ways to kill someone in a kitchen."

"Well, little did we know that right at the time we said goodbye and left the job, Peter Wong went missing. He was not found for a week, week and a half, two weeks," the Malcolm in the Middle star added—revealing that Wong had been murdered and robbed. “They put out an APB [all-points bulletin] on us and to find us, we were somewhere in the Carolinas, I think at that point," he said.

Eventually, he said the investigators put “the pieces together” and arrested the real murderers.