Photos surfaced the net yesterday (June 26th) of Carmelo Anthony on a boat beside a woman — on his wife La La Anthony's birthday! The NBA player quickly took to social media to deny the circulating rumors that he is cheating.

In a video uploaded to Instagram, Melo said, [“I’m really only addressing it for my family. Keep my family out this, man. I’m over here trying to do my business retreat. I’m over here trying to have a good time. I’m on a boat with some friends. Them people are married, man. They ain’t got nothing to do with anything. Y’all trying to expose – y’all exposing somebody’s wife. Y’all exposing somebody’s kids to all that. like, c’mon. Leave that alone, man. That ain’t cool. Now, I got to deal with that. I got to deal with that with my son. I got to deal with that with my wife. That ain’t cool, man. That’s not cool at all. Let those people live, all them blogs trying to put that out there, that sh*t is not cool at all. It’s not cool at all. Let that family be. They’re family. They’re married. Let them people be them people. Them people are some real discrete people. And y’all putting them people out there like that? They don’t need to be [out] in the world like that.”] SOUNDCUE (:38 OC . . . world like that)

Carmelo and La La split in 2017 after rumors hit that the NBA star fathered a child outside of their marriage. Neither Melo nor La La have confirmed that he has another child.