BRADLEY COOPER WALKS RED CARPET WITH HIS EX: Irina Shayk supported her ex, Bradley Cooper, at the opening of his latest movie.  The couple was spotted on the red carpet together for the premiere of Nightmare Alley on Wednesday (Dec. 1st). Cooper told Entertainment Tonight that having his ex with him was “very special.”

MARISKA HARGITAY QUIETS SINGER ON 'SVU' SET: A video of Mariska Hargitay asking a singer to keep quiet during the filming of Law & Order: SVU went viral after being posted Tuesday (Nov. 30th).  The actress can be seen walking up to a man at Washington Square Par and saying, “Your singing was beautiful – but we’re just trying to get the shot. Is it OK if you don’t sing when we say, ‘Action’?” The showrunner told The NY Post that crew members were unable to get the crooner to pipe down before the star intervened. 

JUSTIN THEROUX SUPPORTS JENNIFER ANISTON'S NEW BEAUTY BRAND: Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston may not be together, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have each other’s backs.  The Leftovers alum threw his support behind his ex’s latest venture, the LolaVie beauty line.  He shared a photo of himself on Instagram Wednesday, (Dec. 1st) holding the brand’s leave in-conditioner. The story was captioned with, “Thank you b. & lolavie,” and added the product “works.” 

SETH ROGEN ADMITS HE WAS HIGH AT ADELE CONCERT: Seth Rogen admitted to Jimmy Fallon Wednesday (Dec. 1st) that he was “extremely high” during Adele’s “One Night Only” concert.  He told the talk show host, “I was in the front row of the Adele concert. That is as surprising to me as anyone because I had no idea I was attending the taping of an Adele television special at all.” He and his wife thought they were attending an intimate gig in a park.

KORTNEY KARDASHIAN UNDER FIRE FOR LETTING DAUGHTER GET ACRYLICS: TikTok users are criticizing Kourtney Kardashian for allowing her 9-year-old daughter to get acrylic nails. Critics commented on a video of Penelope Disick, claiming the child was too young to have fake nails.  One person wrote, “The nails are cute but dam [sic] it makes her seem way older with a set on like that.”