CHANNING TATUM SHARES ADVICE HE GAVE ZOE KRAVITZ: Channing Tatum revealed to Variety Wednesday (Feb. 2nd) that he advised his girlfriend, Zoe Kravitz, against acting in her directorial debut. The actress directs the upcoming thriller Pussy Island, which stars Tatum, who also produces. The Magic Mike star, who describes Kravitz as “a perfectionist in the best possible way,” told her that if she were to star in Pussy Island, she would “need double the days.”

CHRIS HARDWICK AND LYDIA HEARST WELCOME DAUGHTER: Chris Hardwick and Lydia Hearst welcomed their first child, Dimity Facente Hearst-Hardwick, on Saturday (Jan. 29th). The publishing heiress shared the news on Instagram, writing, “It feels like only yesterday we learned we were pregnant, and now she’s here! Becoming a parent changes you, and some of the starkest differences are also the most intimate ones – the emotional changes. Your life instantly transforms. Priorities change. You change. I feel so blessed and am incredibly grateful.”

GIGI HADID HAS A SECRET TIKTOK: Gigi Hadid has a secret TikTok account. She reveals in InStyle’s March 2020 issue that she’s just there to lurk. The model told the magazine, “I do have a secret TikTok, which I don’t post on, and I don’t follow anyone I know on it.” She added, “I’m a lurker, but it’s for, like, mom videos and kids’ lunch videos.”