CHARLIZE THERON  NEEDED SURGERY FOR STUNT-TRAINING INJURY: Charlize Theron recently underwent surgery for an injury she sustained training for a sword fighting scene.  The action star told The Hollywood Reporter, “I just had shoulder surgery two weeks ago, so there you go. We just wrapped the sequel to Old Guard, where I was hanging off the side of a helicopter. I so wish that was the story. Instead, it was during training. I was learning to sword fight.”


BEVERLY D'ANGELO'S EX WANTED HER TO BE WITH AL PACINO: Beverly D’Angelo recently revealed to People that her ex-husband gladly divorced her so that she could be with Al Pacino.  The National Lampoon’s Vacation actress said that she and Italian duke Lorenzo Salviati eloped in the early 1980s and had an open relationship.  According to D’Angelo, when she told Salviati that she’d fallen in love with the Godfather star, he said, “Al Pacino, he’s fantastic. I love him. We divorce!”


FORMER GREY'S ANATOMY PRODUCER ADMITS SHE LIED ABOUT HAVING CANCER: Former Grey’s Anatomy consulting producer Elisabeth Finch admitted in a recent interview that she lied about her brother committing suicide and her own battle with cancer.  She told The Ankler, “I lied and there’s no excuse for it. But there’s context for it. The best way I can explain it is when you experience a level of trauma a lot of people adopt a maladaptive coping mechanism. Some people drink to hide or forget things. Drug addicts try to alter their reality. Some people cut. I lied. That was my coping and my way to feel safe and seen and heard.” In March, the outlet questioned Finch’s claims that she had a rare form of bone cancer, but the writer left the ABC drama before Disney could launch an investigation.


AMY ROBACH SPOTTED SPOTTED FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE SHE WAS TAKEN OFF AIR: Amy Robach has been spotted for the first time since she was taken off the air following her alleged affair with co-anchor T.J. Holmes.  Page Six spotted the host walking her dog around her New York City neighborhood Wednesday (December 6th).