CHRISSY TEIGEN AND JOHN LEGEND TALK LOVE: Chrissy Teigen and John Legend have been through a lot this year, including the loss of a pregnancy. On Good Morning America Tuesday, Legend said that “share” their grief with each other. “We’ve been through so many challenges together and they’ve made her stronger, and I know that doesn’t always happen when people go through tragedy,” the EGOT winner said. “But I feel like the challenges we face together have made us feel even more sure about who we are together as a couple, and who we are as a family.” The pair are healing with the help of their children, Luna and Miles.

CHANNING TATUM SHARES ACTING RITUAL: Channing Tatum shared what he does every time he finishes a gig. Debuting his buzzcut, Tatum wrote on social media: “There is nothing and I mean nothing as good as finishing the hardest job of my life. And then shaving my head and letting the character go. It’s a bit of a ritual. A freeing of myself. And being free is always my highest intention. And I’m about to be sooooo freee!!!”

KATE HUDSON IS STRICT: No softie! Kate Hudson tells People that she is a strict parent to Rani Rose, 2, Bingham, 9, and Ryder, 16. She admits that her approach “came as a surprise to my entire family when I became a mother. But it's the things that I'm strict about. Where I am strict is that there are certain rules that I put down. I don't negotiate with my kids about certain things.” Adding that she is “very, very strict about manners,” Hudson says that she has no tolerance whatsoever for lies — big or small. “I have no tolerance for lying,” she shares. “The tiny lies or the big ones.”

BILL MURRAY’S BROTHER DIES: Bill Murray‘s older brother, Ed Murray, has died. The eldest of the famous eight Murray, Ed was named for his father and was responsible for leading his family into its love of golf, and inspiring much of Caddyshack. Bill and many of his brothers followed Ed into his gig as caddy at a local private golf course. The character of Danny Noonan was based on Ed.

PETE DAVIDSON AS GEORGE BAILEY? Pete Davidson is taking on the role of George Bailey in It’s A Wonderful Life in a virtual live reading of the 1946 holiday classic. James Stewart played the role in the iconic film. Maude Apatow will play Violet Bick, with Mia Farrow, Ellie Kemper, Carol Kane, Ed Begley Jr., Diedrich Bader, Bill Pullman, Richard Kind, B.D. Wong and Michael Shannon also set to join.