ERIKA JAYNE GETS BACKLASH FOR GIF: Erika Jayne is getting backlash for a GIF she tweeted Tuesday amid her ongoing legal issues. “Go be offended at your own life,” the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, 49, said in the GIF, which was a clip from the show. Jayne and her estranged husband Tom have been accused of embezzling money from clients, many of whom were plane crash victims, to fund their lifestyle. One person wrote, “You are not the victim in this story.”

PETE DAVIDSON’S FUTURE ON SNL: Pete Davison told Gold Derby that he didn’t know what was next for him and Saturday Night Live. He said his role on the NBC sketch series is “up in the air.” He said of closing out Season 46: “It is my seventh year, and that’s usually what the contract’s usually for, so it was really emotional. I worked with these guys for a fourth of my life, and I started there with acne and left with tattoos, and it was just, like, a very crazy, long period of time.

BRANDI GLANVILLE CROWNED: The RHOBH alum Brandi Glanville was named the most foul-mouthed star on Twitter, and the second-most foul-mouthed overall according to a study measuring swear words in tweets. She is second only to Kevin Hart, MrQ reports. 

CHRIS NOTH TALKS SATC: Chris Noth wasn’t 100% sure about joining the Sex and the City reboot for HBO Max. He told Yahoo!: "It was a little bit of a sort of creative negotiation because I didn't really feel I had anything to offer in that role again. It kind of felt like I had done it. But [executive producer] Michael PatrickKing is just an incredible writer and has incredible creative ideas. And once we got together and talked about the potential of what we could do with the character, I was all in." Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristen Davis, Cynthia Nixon and several others are not set to return. Kim Cattrall will not partake, and there will be newbies, including Sara Ramirez