GEENA DAVIS SHOT DOWN JACK NICHOLSON BY USING DUSTIN HOFFMAN'S ADVICE: Geena Davis said she shot down Jack Nicholson by using advice she’d learned from her Tootsie co-star Dustin Hoffman. The 66-year-old Oscar winner told The New Yorker Thursday (October 10th) that Hoffman once told her to ward off men in the business by saying, “Well, you’re very attractive. I would love to, but it would ruin the sexual tension between us.” She effectively used the line on Nicholson, whom she met through her agent.

OLIVIA WILDE SPOTTED AT WOLF ALICE CONCERT W/ HARRY STYLES: Olivia Wilde isn’t going to let a bunch of gossip and her former nanny’s tell-all interview stop her from enjoying date night with Harry Styles. The two were spotted attending the Wolf Alice concert in Los Angeles on Wednesday (October 19th) night. According to Page Six, the couple attended with a group of friends but barely interacted all night despite sitting next to one another at the show.

JOY BEHAR SAYS SHE HAD SEX WITH GHOSTS: Joy Behar claimed on a recent episode of The View that she’s “had sex with a few ghosts.” Co-host Sara Haines asked if you can get pregnant from hooking up with a ghost and the comedian answered, “I’ve had sex with a few ghosts and never got pregnant.”

AMY SCHUMER'S SON NOT IMPRESSED BY FAME: Amy Schumer’s son is not impressed with her fame. She told E! News at the season five premier of Inside Amy Schumer, “I think your kid just wants you to be their mom. He’s not impressed that there’s a microphone and a camera. He’s just like ‘OK, when can we go? Cause I want chicken nuggets."”