HARRISON FORD UNDER INVESTIGATION: Harrison Ford is under investigation by the FAA after mishearing an air traffic controller at Hawthorne Airport in California on Friday. The 77-year-old was told to “hold short on runway” because of traffic, but he heard the opposite and went ahead. He later apologized. A Federal Aviation Administration spokesperson tells ET, "The FAA is investigating an incident in which the pilot of an Aviat Husky taxied across the runway at Hawthorne Municipal Airport Friday afternoon while another aircraft was performing a touch-and-go landing." Harrison previously landed in hot water for landing on a taxiway instead of a runway in 2017, and in 2015, he crashed a single-engine plane intoa golf course in Venice, CA. 

KYLIE JENNER SUING OVER USE OF STORMI’S NAME: Kylie Jenner filed docs in 2019 to trademark her daughter Stormi’s name, but apparently, Business Moves Consulting didn’t get the memo. TMZ reports that Kylie is now suing the org over its use the term Stormi Couture.

QUEEN ELIZABETH TO ADDRESS NATION: Queen Elizabeth plans to address the U.K. in a televised speech for the second time in a month, an extremely rare event. The 94-year-old will deliver a prerecorded speech on TV on May 8th, to mark the 75th anniversary of the end to World War II. 

OCTAVIA SPENCER DONATES RESPIRATORY MONITORS: The Academy Award-winning Octavia Spencer has donated Miku breathing monitors to both Baptist Health and the Montefiore Health System locations in Alabamaand New York. She shared the news on social media writing, in part: “Seeing what is happening in the communities that I love, I have teamed up with @Mikucare to donate monitors to nursing and medical facilities in Alabama and New York to provide much needed relief to nurses as they navigate care for COVID-19 patients.”

KATE HUDSON DRAGS BROTHER OLIVER: Kate and Oliver Hudson appeared on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen and Kate took him to task for interviewing her ex Alex Rodriguez without clearing it with her first. "He didn't even say, like, 'Hey, I'm thinking about interviewing your ex-boyfriend. Like, is that cool?" Kate said with a laugh. The pair also shared feelings they had about each other’s exes, with Oliver saying he never had an issue with any of them. "No, I wasn't your typical protective older brother," he explained. "Kate was a strong, strong woman from the get-go, so she could take care of herself." Kate jokingly replied, "He just never really had my back is really what he's saying. It's just an excuse. No, it's not true, he's helped me many times when my heart was broken." Kate also revealed that she didn’t love all of his exes: "I had a couple girls, like … he had one particular girlfriend, her voice drove me nuts. She just asked him to do things all the time. 'Can you, like, get me something from downstairs?' And then I'd hear it and be like, 'Oh my god, like, cannot be the one.' And there were a couple that would just float in and out that I'd be like, 'See ya, I guess,' but other than that … we're a very freewheeling type of family. We just sort of accept whatever is at the moment."

AMANDA JANE COOPER GETS HITCHED ON ZOOM: Wicked star Amanda Jane Cooper has married Andrew Bell over Zoom, according to reports. The pair were supposed to get married on April 25th in Pennsylvania, but ended up getting married on April 4th so they could get on with their lives. “My husband and I did not live together before we were married and were eager to get our life started and create a home,” Cooper told Page Six. “We made the commitment to wait until we were married.” More than 100 friends and family attended (virtually) and plan to toast the pair in person next year.