JAMES LIPTON DIES: James Lipton, the longtime writer, producer and host of the Emmy-winning Inside the Actors Studio, has died at age 93. He is survived by his wife Kendekai Turner, who said he died on Monday from bladder cancer. Lipton created Inside the Actors Studio in 1994, and remained on board until he stepped down in 2018 after 25 years. The long-running show focused on interviews with famous actors, about their craft and their careers. All told, he interviewed more than 200 people, including George Clooney, Bradley Cooper, Brad Pitt, Al Pacino, Barbra Streisand and Julia Roberts.

MARK WAHLBERG SHARES UPDATE ON DR. OZ FEUD: Mark Wahlberg popped up on Today, and while there, gave fans an update on his ongoing fitness feud with Dr. Oz. Chatting with Harry Smith, he said that and Oz faced off (fans can see the show March 4th). He said: “I don't think he knew what he was getting himself into, but he was a trooper. I squashed him like a grape. That poor thing, he didn't know what would happen.” He also copped to points Oz raised about fasting: “I think it depends. I really felt the benefits of fasting…But, I'm a little old school, too. So, I do like to have a nice meal in the morning. And I can burn it off.”

JUDGE JUDY FEUDING WITH CBS? Judge Judy is beefing with CBS, TMZ reports. She has reportedly feuding with CBS for some time, and much of it has to do with Les Moonves no longer working there. While Judy sold them her Judge Judy library for a reported $95 million, she is stepping away from her iconic show after 25 years. She is working on Judy Justice, and is reportedly not going to work with the network on it this time.

AMANDA BYNES CELEBRATES SOBRIETY: Amanda Bynes has been sober for 14 months, she announced on Instagram, writing: “Celebrating being sober a year and two months!” The 33-year-old has been open about her struggle with drugs and alcohol previously, saying after retiring from acting, she felt like she had “no purpose in life.”

TYLER CAMERON’S MOTHER DIES: Bachelorette star Tyler Cameron‘s mother Andrea, has died. According to reports, she was taken to the hospital on Thursday. He tweeted at the time of a “family emergency” and asked his fans to keep his family in their thoughts.