JARED LETO TO LAUNCH SKINCARE LINE: Would you pay nearly $100 for an eye cream from Jared Leto? Page Six reports that the Joker star is set to launch Twentynine Palms, a range of gender-neutral products for skin hair and body, on October 25th. Fans can expect to pay anywhere from $39 for cleanser to $97 for eye cream.

KHLOE KARDASHIAN CALLS KIM OUT FOR COPYING HER LOOK: Khloe Kardashian called her sister, Kim, a b**ch on Instagram for copying her look. One day after the younger Kardashian posted photos of herself wearing the Skims Jelly Sheer Full Bodysuit on Instagram with a pair of knee-high Yeezy Boots, Kim posted her own photos in the exact same catsuit. Khloe commented, “Oh ok well I didn’t look like that in mine. Ha” before adding, “You’re a b**ch.”

CHRIS D'ELIA'S ACCUSER DENIED RESTRAINING ORDER: Chris D’Elia’s accuser was denied a permanent restraining order against the comedian in court on Wednesday (October 19th). Caroline Schmitz was originally granted a temporary restraining order against D’Elia in May, after claiming that the former Whitney star was threatening to post intimate videos he recorded of her online. D’Elia claimed from the beginning that it was Schmitz wo had threatened him and his family through messages on social media. According to TMZ, she was a no-show in court on Wednesday when the judge denied her an order of protection.

JOHNNY KNOXVILLE WISHES BAM WELL: Johnny Knoxville wishes nothing but the best for his former Jackass costar, Bam Margera. The Reboot actor told Variety Wednesday (October 19th) that even though he hasn’t spoken with the Viva La Bam star in about a year and a half, he hopes he gets the help he needs. Knoxville said, “I love Bam I know that a lot has happened. I just want him to get well for himself and his family. I love the guy and I want him to get well and stay well.”